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Gun Review: HK SL8-6 Rifle
News You Can Use: Important Strategies for Avoiding the Loss of Your Guns
NSSF: February Adjusted Background Checks Total Almost 1.4 Million, Up 7.2 Percent
San Diego Mayor to Gangs: Please Don’t Shoot Each Other for Six Months, OK?
Old School Cool: Smith & Wesson’s Model 645 and 745 Second Generation .45 Autos
Biden’s Gun Control Isn’t Intended to Fight Crime, It’s Intended to Criminalize Gun Owners
Now is the Time to Shop’s Huge Inventory of Certified Used Guns
Is the Tommybuilt T36 a Machinegun or Just Another ATF Regulatory Disaster? [VIDEO]
Follow the Science: Exposing Children to Firearms Yields Positive Results
Personal Defense: Get Fit for the Flight
Biden and Congress Promise to Enact More Gun Control as States Move to Nullify Enforcement
Gun Review: Springfield 1911 Ronin 9mm Pistol
SAF Sues Illinois State Police for Failing to Process Concealed Carry Permit Applications
Nadal: Disenfranchised Communities Need Guns Because Police Can’t Be Trusted to Protect Them
Bizarro World: Where Supporting an Enumerated Civil Right is Now ‘Insurrectionist’
FBI: No Firearms Were Found in the US Capitol During the January 6 Riot
Personal Defense Stories: Overcoming the Fear of Guns
Gun Rights Were Front and Center at CPAC 2021
Class 3 Machining and My Suppressed Ruger-57 [VIDEO]
Personal Defense: Duty to Retreat, Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine – Do You Know the Difference?
Smith & Wesson to Hold its First Public Virtual New Product Announcement March 15
The New Aero Precision EPC-9 is Everything a Pistol Caliber Carbine Should Be
ND Senator Cramer Introduces Bill to Prevent Financial Discrimination Against the Gun Industry
How to Reach Those 8.4 Million New Gun Owners…and Get Them to Oppose Gun Control
Pro Tip: Firing Your Guns Into the Air Won’t Make the Taco Bell Drive Thru Go Any Faster

Saturday, March 06, 2021
12:44 EST

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