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[SHOT 2021] New Shadow Systems DR920 Full Sized Pistol
[TFB GUNFEST] The SIG Sauer MCX Spear NGSW Rifle
POTD: M240B Machine Gun in Small Unit Ranger Tactics Course
BREAKING: NRA Petitions For Bankruptcy; Plans Move To Texas
[TFB GUNFEST] New Magpul Accessories for 2021
[TFB GUNFEST] NEW 5.56 AK – The Zastava Arms M90
[TFB GUNFEST] New Kel-Tec Guns and Accessories for 2021
[SHOT 2021] SOG Specialty Knives & Tools New Releases
[SHOT 2021] Winchester SILVERTIP Centerfire Rifle and Rimfire Ammunition
[SHOT 2021] Stoeger Condor With Synthetic Stock Now Available
[SHOT 2021] Stoeger Snow Goose Hi Cap Shotgun
[SHOT 2021] SIG P320MAX Pistol
[TFB GUNFEST] Dead Air Nomad-LTi and Xeno Mounting System
[SHOT 2021] Browning X-POINT DEFENSE Handgun Ammunition
[TFB GUNFEST] The Gemtech + Smith & Wesson Integra-15
[TFB GUNFEST] ZASTAVA M70 With Modernized Furniture
Firearms, Not Politics – Why It Is More Important Than Ever Before
[TFB GUNFEST] LMT’s Estonian Reference Rifle Available to US Civilians
SILENCER SATURDAY #160: Innovative Arms DECEPTION 7.62
[SHOT 2021] Winchester Expands Defender Ammo Line Adding .350 Legend, 5.56×45 and Buckshot Loads
POTD: U.S. Special Forces with Swedish Ak 4B Rifles
[SHOT 2021] Ducks Beware – The Browning Maxus II Camo
New NightForce ATACR 4-20×50 F1 Scope
[TFB GUNFEST] Zastava Introducing a New M70 and Polymer M85/M90 Magazines
Winchester & Browning Collaboratively Unleash the NEW 6.8 Western
[SHOT 2021] Pulsar Pro Series – New Helion 2 XP50 Pro & Accolade LRF XP50 Pro
[TFB GUNFEST] B&T VP-9 Reborn? The Amazing NEW B&T Station SIX
SHOT Show On Demand – TFB Coverage Of The The Industry’s Biggest Event
[TFB GUNFEST] History, Stealthy And Sexy – B&T Station SIX
[SHOT 2021] Winchester Model 70 Extreme TrueTimber VSX MB
[SHOT 2021] XS Sights New Minimalist Night Sights
[SHOT 2021] Stoeger’s New Fully-Featured STR-9S Combat Pistol
POTD: Celebrities vs Special Forces – Tactical Challenge 2020
[SHOT 2021] Howa Carbon Fiber Stalker: New Sub 5lb rifle
[TFB GUNFEST] EXCLUSIVE: The Zastava M90 5.56 AK Coming to the USA
[TFB GUNFEST] NEW Aero “Breach” AR-15 Charging Handle
POTD: Green Berets in a Polaris MRZR Off-Road Utility Vehicle
[TFB GUNFEST] The Breach Charging Handle from Aero Precision
[TFB GUNFEST] Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Bolt Action Rifle
[SHOT 2021] Browning SHOT Show Special Firearms
Friday Night Lights: Jerry-C AKA Chinese ECOTI
[SHOT 2021] Black and Venomous – The Volquartsen Mamba-X
Norway Orders SAAB Carl-Gustaf M4 Recoilless Rifles
[TFB GUNFEST] The Haenel CR223 is Coming to the US as the B&T-15!
[TFB GUNFEST] MAGPUL FDP-9: The 9mm Folding GLOCK We Deserve
[TFB GUNFEST] Haenel Bundeswehr Trials Rifle Imported As B&T 15 In Pistol Form
[TFB GUNFEST] Magpul MP5 Brace
The Rimfire Report: Hands-On with the American 180 Submachine Gun
More Optics from Brownells: New 1-8×24 MPO Riflescope
[TFB GUNFEST] LMT’s Shot Counter Grip Module For Military And LE
Truth To Power – TTAG Facebook Page Unpublished
[SHOT 2021] Winchester SHOT Show Special Firearms
New Swarovski Smartscope – dS 5-25×52 P Gen II
[SHOT 2021] Streamlight TLR-7 sub – A New Light for Subcompacts
TFB Review: Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Laser Rangefinder
[SHOT 2021] The Cabot Apocalypse – The Fifth Horseman Rides
Concealed Carry Corner: Why Weight Isn’t Always Bad
[SHOT 2021] Winchester USA READY DEFENSE Handgun Ammunition
[TFB GUNFEST] Magpul Introduces 20-Round 300 Blackout Magazine
[SHOT 2021] Reserve Series O/U Shotguns from Mossberg

Thursday, January 21, 2021
16:59 EST

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