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SILENCER SATURDAY #148: Quiet Time With The 9mm Bul Armory Double Stack 1911
The Geissele ICON Rifle – “The Overmountain Rifle”
Textron Systems Discuss Their Next Generation Squad Weapon Efforts
Rifle Dynamics – Limited Edition “Poppies of War” Print AK Stock Pouch
The Rare Surefire MGX: A No-Recoil Light Machine Gun (LMG)
The Rimfire Report: The “Ludens” 3D Printed 22LR Ghost Gun
New Primary Arms GLx 4-16×50 FFP Apollo Rifle Scope
TFB’s Build Of The Week Series: Week 4: Doug M’s “Corona Light 10/22”
Limited Edition Noveske Kydex Magazine Carriers & Holsters
KRAGOS Glock Aftermarket Slide from CMC Triggers
Florida Men Cause Reloading Disaster Burning 10,000 Rounds Of Ammo
POTD: A Rifle With A View – Heckler & Koch G36 A3
Friday Night Lights: Rheinmetall Vario-Ray LLM
A Look Into Vietnamese Firearms Manufacturing in Z111 Factory
Krieghoff K-80 Parcours-X Intro at Sporting Clays Nationals
SIG SAUER Announces Expansion of New Hampshire Operations to Rochester
The New Shot Group Analyzer from
Buying vs Building A 1911 – Part 2, My Final Thoughts
Top 5 Tips from Pro Trainers for New Gun Owners
True Velocity Join SAAMI’s Board of Directors as a Voting Member
TFB Review: Swampfox Optics Blade and Trihawk Prism Scopes
POTD: Shotgun Diplomacy with the Tavor TS12
POTD: FN Herstal SCAR With All The Perks
POTD: Austrian Jagdkommandos with RBS56 BILL Anti-Tank Missile
Concealed Carry Corner: Guns For Different Body Types
New XLR1600 and XLR2000 Laser Range Finders from Halo Optics
TFB DEBATE CLUB: Shooting Suppressed – This Is The Way (Or Not)
New Imported Tisas Zigana PX-9 Pistols Now Available from SDS Imports
Light Strike to Your Wallet – The Strike Industries LITESLIDE
HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Is this Eagle Soaring or Just Boring?
Sleep Paralysis – The SIG Custom Works Nightmare Series
Battle Arms Development to use Rosco Manufacturing Barrels
German Short Range Sniper Rifle (G26) Tender Cancelled
Senop To Supply Night Vision To The Finnish Armed Forces
MK Machining’s Riflescope Turret Magnifier
New Maxi-Mag Clean-22 Segmented Hollow Point 22 WMR from CCI
SHUT DOWN: Q LLC Forced to stop Producing Honey Badger Pistol
POTD: French 13:th Parachute Dragoon Regiment with HK416
TFB Review: Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap
Norwegian Home Guard Gets More HK416s and MP7s as AG-3 is Phased Out
POTD: Hunting Season With The Leica Calonox
The Thunder Ranch Combat Special by Nighthawk Custom
Wheelgun Wednesday: 5 Reasons Why Revolvers are RAD
Wilcox and Steyr Offers Solutions for the Heckler & Koch G36
Winchester Delivers Historic First Lake City Army Ammunition Shipment
POTD: A New Dimension for Hécate II Sniper Rifle (+Video)
SK Customs Introduces The Mana Collectors 1911
Friday Night Lights: NVG Helmet Illumination
New Raptor F1 Shotgun Forend From Shockwave Technologies
Extremely Limited Edition – Galil Ace in 5.45×39
I.Q. Munitions’ Extended Capacity Ruger 77 Magazines
Killer Innovations’ Killer New P320C Slide
Sweet As a Plum – Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler
TFB’s Build Of The Week Series: Week 3: Charlie G’s “Wannabe Space Invader”
TFB Review: SOTR – Ops-Core’s New Respirator
Full Review of the Springfield Model 2020 Waypoint
POTD: Coronavirus and the M2 Browning Machine Gun
TFB Review: SIG Sauer P320 XCompact – 5,000 Rounds Later
POTD: Heckler & Koch MR223 & 1976 Lincoln Continental

Sunday, October 25, 2020
01:58 EST

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