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Safety First!
Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction. Know your target and what lies beyond. Make certain your bullets will impact into the backstop. Eye and ear protection is required on the firing line.

Firearms must be carried unloaded and cased or unloaded with the action open and magazine removed.

Never drink alcohol before or during shooting. Secure your firearms in your vehicle before drinking.

Load and handle firearms on a shooting bench, designated loading/unloading table or at the line only.

Before going downrange, the line must be made safe. To make the line safe, allguns must be unloaded with actions open and magazines removed. Then, step away from the shooting bench.
Do not handle firearms while someone is downrange.

Only maintenance vehicles are allowed downrange to set targets.

Paper targets are to be stapled or pinned to cardboard backers.
Targets must be centered on the backer to prevent damage to the target frames.
22' X36" cardboard backers are to be attached to the frame using staples, screws or nails, as needed. Do not shoot "trash" targets. This includes bottles, cans, bowling pins, computer monitors or hard drives; no microwaves, old televisions or radios either

Steel targets may only be used during organized events approved by the CCSA Board. The steel buffalo targets used for Cowboy Action must not be set up due to safety concerns and damage caused by high velocity and jacketed bullets.

The range can be used from 8 a.m. until sundown or 10 p.m., whichever comes first.

The first member to arrive at the range is the Range Officer and should coordinate activities with any other member who arrives. When you leave, request that another member take over.
The last member to leave is responsible for closing and locking the gate.

Please remember, the CCSA does not have any paid staff. All cleaning and upkeep at the range is done by volunteers who pay the same membership dues as everyone else. Shooters are asked to leave the range in better condition than they found it. All trash should be placed in the appropriate receptacle. Bins are labeled as burnable (paper, cardboard), non burnable (metal, plastic and shot shells), and brass (spent casings).
Work Bees are scheduled for Thursdays at 6 p.m.
throughout the Spring and Summer. Every member should plan to attend at least one work bee per year to help with range improvements and maintenance.

Carry your membership card with you and be prepared to show it upon request by another member. Be friendly to visitors and consider them your guest on their first visit. Show them around and provide them with a membership application. Applications are available in both clubhouses.

All members are to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner'. lf you refuse to act safely, you may be asked to leave immediately by any other member.

Each member is responsible for following these rules and reminding others to follow them, also.
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