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Upcoming events will be listed here. Please check this page to be notified of an upcoming event.



You can register and squad at the Practiscore website. You can also register the day of the match if there are slots available. We encourage you to register at Practiscore in advance. Doing this helps us with squadding.


Sign-in will begin between 8:00 and 9:00 am the day of the match. Every shooter MUST sign in. The match will begin at 10:00 am after the match briefing.


To compete in a 3 Gun match, register at the Practiscore web site. Registration is free and no payment is due until the day of the match. If you preregister and find you can't make it, please unregister to make space available to others. Registration on the day of the match is possible as long as the event is not full.



Firearms must remain unloaded at the event site except under the direct supervision of an event official. Once your weapons leave your vehicle they must be unloaded, pistols must be holstered, rifles and shotguns made safe with chamber flags(spent casing for shotgun and rifle can be used). Please no show and tell in the parking lot.

180 RULE

No gun can be moved to 180 degrees during a stage. This means no shooting past the 180, behind you. Breaking the 180 rule can be subject to a disqualification for the entire match.


There are 2 safe and legal ways to ground a weapon during a stage. 1 - Loaded and safety engaged. 2 - Completely empty with actions locked back. Grounding barrels and/or buckets will be designated for each stage.


NO armor piercing (green tip, steel jacketed, or steel shot) is allowed. Damage to steel targets will be paid for by the shooter. Legal ammunition includes 9mm or larger, 5.56/.223 or larger, #6 shot or smaller, and slugs when designated.


Holsters must cover the triggers of all pistols. Holsters secured on a belt should be waist level. A tactical thigh holster is permitted and must be secured at waist level.


You can review the full set of 3GN rules last published in Feb 2019 here to determine your division. The 3 Gun Nation organization ceased operation in 2020.


Our sponsors are a big part of 3 Gun matches. The Championship prize table is almost exclusively donated by our sponsors. Use of their products and services is always appreciated. Please show your appreciation by frequenting the following businesses:

Moran Iron Works - for Iron Clad targets
Heritage Outdoors of Sault Ste Marie
SQCG - Super Quick Clean Guns
Dunhams of Sault Ste Marie
Jay's Sporting Goods
Trijicon Optics
JP Enterprises

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