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The winter pistol league is completed for 2022. Thank you to all participants and we look forward to next year's season.

What is it? - A casual pistol competition using NRA Bullseye targets and .22 pistols with open or red dot sights. Where is it? - At the Chippewa County Shooting Association range on Ridge Road near 7 Mile Road. How much does it cost? - Targets are $4 per match or $25 for the season Do I need to be a member of the CCSA? - Our policy is, "First time guest. Second time friend. Third time member." Come and be our guest, meet some friends, and decide if membership is right for you. It's only $45 per year. Can I shoot my single action revolver? - Yes, but keep in mind it is one-handed shooting and one target needs 5 shots in 10 seconds. How much ammunition do I need? - We use 60 rounds of ammunition per match. Who can I contact for more information? - Leo Joutsie at (906) 632-1254.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
17:33 EST